Mum and Dad

My Mum is a retired Radiologist, my Father a retired teacher.

On 11 August 2009 my Father celebrated his 80th birthday. My siblings and I rented a North Yorkshire Moors carriage (Great Western Saloon)for a trip behind a steam engine from Grosmont to Pickering and back as a surprise for him. Most of his living relatives were there too. It was a great event. Here is a video of it:


Wifey. A nurse. She wants me to say things like 'long suffering'. That I am not going to do here.


Carol has lived in Germany working as an assistant in a school. She spent two years in the South of Spain working and entertaining in a Hotel. This was quite handy as we got a few very cheap holidays while she was there.

Then she returned to England and was a teacher in Whitby. Modern Foreign Languages Caedmon key stage 3 school (school website).

She's back in Spain now, teaching at an academy and entertaining at the Zoraida Garden in the summer months. Cheap holidays again!


A manager of a shop in Boston.

Pictured here with his now wife Hannah at their graduation from Hull University at Scarborough 15.07.2005

John and Hannah Graduation

Below, John and his motorcycle on a run around Scotland May 2009

The photograph below includes a small selection of our fireworks from Bonfire Night 2008

Here are a few of the things that John has built:

Manta Ray Radio Controlled Car

John's Manta Ray

Falcon Pro 1

Falcon Pro 1

The parachute didn't open



Saturn V

Made from cider bottles if I remember correctly

Saturn 5

Falcon Pro Mark I

John on the left, Peter on the right. Taken around 1997

Falcon Pro Mk 1

Nothing changes. This taken 8/Aug/2008 John playing with his new car a Talon NX

John, Hannah and William watch as Peter makes an assault on a neighbour's house with John's new car. It is doing about 40mph (give or take) at this point. A day later I was to smash it for him against a kerb, this proved to be a very expensive time for me.


Peter trainined at HETA. He is now a highly qualified :-) engineer currently working at Ideal Boilers in Hull

This was his first motorbike. A CB125C

This Honda CM400 (that Peter bought from my erstwhile buddy Thack) caused us more grief than any other bike I have known. However, it had real character and was a great bike. The trouble was that it used to shake itself to pieces and when Peter sold it on eBay, the winner was a total arse and would not pay. Eventually someone who appreciated it bought it though.

This is Peter on his latest bike

2012 Olympic Torch

CEN MG16 MT Aug 2012


Daughter in law

Hannah is a teacher in Boston


Grandson. Three and a bit. Aug 2011


Granddaughter. One and a bit. Sep 2011


Lucy 2013

No photo

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